Breath and energy orgasm training

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Imagine being perched on the edge of orgasm all night. As a 2 days workshop for lovers, or as a 6 week online video based training program. Group 9 Created with Sketch. The secret key to unlocking unlimited pleasure has noting to do with fancy touching tricks or herbal enhancers. Sting chakras mindfulness pranayama relationships. Through the practice of breathing, intimacy and energy.

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I had the sensation that i couldn't move.

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Tantric Orgasmic Energy Practice for Women

Experiencing new realities opening up, as you awaken together. Orgasmic Breathing is a journey that takes you into new realms of orgasmic ecstasy and expanded awareness. It includes step by step instructions on how you can create a sacred tantric practice at home. With ourselves and others. Orgasmic Breathing is a tantric practice developed to create more intimacy in our lives.

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breath and energy orgasm training
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breath and energy orgasm training
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