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This image could be used as part of an anti-drinking campaign. It appears as though this person had so much to drink while getting ready for the party, she was too inebriated to actually get dressed and go out. Whoever said that brides needed to be glamorous and elegant on their wedding day? The first one to crash gets turned into art by their friends. These girls were obviously too hammered to make it home, as they ended up going to sleep on a bench and on the floor! These two girls look too blonde, beautiful and rich to be sitting on the pavement amongst a load of trash, but then, looks can be deceiving.

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A strange thing happens to us when we overindulge, and we suddenly believe we have all sorts of talents and abilities that have never before revealed themselves.

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By the looks of all the empty bottles behind her, it was certainly a drunken occasion and she definitely got in the spirit of things. Not only did she make it to bed, she also managed to sneak off with the dregs of a bottle of Southern Comfort. She was sooo close to making it to the bed, but she probably had to puke first. On the plus side, she both missed the ashtray and its empty. Not even her bra and pants are matching which is never a good start.

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