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Easily one of the creepiest characters one will ever find in a video game, you can deduce just by talking with him that he is a necrophilliac and pedophillic serial killer who horribly mutilates and murders both girls and boys for sexual pleasure. In the Dragonball Z fanfiction Honor TripEvil Albino Ratsura plays this trope straight as an arrow, though he himself is not straight in the least. She does so and Baby orders her to kiss her and say "Thanks baby, I had a great time. Heavily implied with Ramsay. It helps that he has sex-pollen pheromone powers that effect everybody differently.

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Ikki Twins

The scythe-wielding Fae in Keychain of Creation who introduced himself by kissing every member of the main party in turn. One-shot villainess Sonja is hinted to be this since she seduces and takes advantage of Quagmire and frequently visits a porn site involving Latinas. He treats sex as nothing but a tool to manipulate people. I sincerely don't know. On March 2,Rikki Mongeon was put in a medically induced coma after emergency surgery when doctors found blood on her brain following a car accident when they were clipped by a semitruck in Bakersfield, California. A very odd form of this is present in the MRA Trilogy. Ripleyin both the film and the novels that inspired it.

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