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Can I tell you there's one song I cannot get out of my head now. And that's our program for today. That is basically the one major flaw in this movie. After making her hip-hop debut inDana Queen Latifah Owens has become so much more than rap's first major female star. You must be blind. I'm not saying don't make hardcore records, but let's get a balance. Do you have any more to say in rap?

I remember - I lived in New York for 10 years and I just remembered that your voice was part of the soundscape of New York.

Queen Latifah on New HBO Movie 'Life Support'

And, you know, part of the issue is that, you know, we're still losing people to it. Such protection of privacy is a form of modesty really. Yet, flash forward 43 years and today the team behind this project, faced with the exact same choice, took the road less travelled. I try to do what La can do, what Dana can do, not what Phoebe does because she made it perfect. You know, there's this melancholiness about it. And after watching it I feel like I still know next to nothing. Singing Georgia Rose, Georgia Rose, you're the most precious rose Dixie grows, though it don't seem quite right, 'cause your skin's dark as night.

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  1. Looking for scenes where this girl was featured if there are any let me know please