If you’ve ever had to zip up in a pair of jeans that are too small, the way you had to scoop in your belly is what’s known as abdominal hollowing. The muscle. [Purpose] The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of hollowing and bracing exercises on cross-sectional areas of abdominal. Abdominal hollowing (AH) and abdominal bracing (AB) are commonly used to stabilize the trunk (Kahlaee et al., ). AH is a method of.

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5 Abdominal Hollowing Exercises For Building Strong Core Muscles | BodyBuilding eStore

In their study on transverse abdominis activity, Urquhart et al. Hip muscle imbalance and low back pain in athletes: Hold this contraction position as much as you are able to. You will be contracting your abdominal muscles, which will strengthen the muscles and remove unwanted fat.

Place hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and the knees are hip-width apart. You need to repeat at least 15 times for a set. This suggests that AH can improve the anteroposterior stability of the lumbo-pelvic region more than lateral stability by posteriorly tilting the pelvis and reducing the lordotic curve of the lumbar spine.

A strong transverse abdominus is particularly beneficial for athletes, but concentrating on doing this exercise while also keeping your mind on a game is difficult. The sampling rate was set to 1, Hz and the amplified waveform was filtered using a to Hz bandpass filter and a notch filter to remove Hz noise.

Please review our privacy policy. Kay Tang is a journalist who has been writing since Open in a separate window. The muscle responsible for this drawing-in movement is the transversus abdominis, or the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles. Journal List J Exerc Rehabil v. Before the experiment, the participants were provided with a full explanation of AH and AB, and each exercise was trained for five minutes to ensure that hollowinng participants could perform each exercise.


Previous studies have demonstrated that performance of the abdominal hollowing exercise in particular is far more effective than performance of general core-stabilizing techniques in improving the cross-sectional area of the TrA 9 Performing strength exercises on Swiss balls abdominnal been advocated based on the belief that a labile surface will provide a greater challenge to the trunk musculature, increase the dynamic balance of the user, and possibly train users to stabilize their spines to prevent and treat injury 5.

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Have you tried the abdominal hollowing exercises as you workout to build strong core muscles? You can then slowly relax and then drop. A motor control evaluation of transversus abdominis. Moreover, the multifidus and erector spinae were not compared in the comparison of cross-sectional areas, and these and other muscles will be addressed in a future study. Thus, in previous studies, a pressure biofeedback unit and a pelvic compression belt were used to increase the lumbo-pelvic stability during SHA.

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Abdominal Hollowing Exercises | SportsRec

Med Sci Sports Exerc, The functional anatomy of hip abductors. Observations on intra-abdominal pressure and patterns of abdominal intra-muscular activity in man. The local muscle system involves the TrA and IO, which provide dynamic stability to each spinal segment This helps in activating the deep abdominal muscles, which helps in its efficient workout. Abstract [Purpose] The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of hollowing and bracing exercises on cross-sectional areas of abdominal muscles.

The EMG signals collected for 3 sec excluding the first and last seconds, as well as the average value for the EMG signals measured three times, were used for further data analysis. Abdominal muscle strengthening exercises are frequently used during rehabilitation of low back pain 1. Support Center Support Center.


First, due to our focus on healthy male adults, it is difficult to generalize the results of the present study to other population groups. She previously covered developments in theater for the “Dramatists Guild Quarterly.

Abdominal Hollowing Exercises

Hold the peak position for five seconds and exhale. Electromyographic assessment using fine-wire electrodes. Now, slowly, you need to curl the torso and move them close to the knees.

The average value was obtained by calculating the average value for each of the 3 sec excluding the first and the last seconds. Stay in this position for one more breath. However, if the QLs on both sides are isometric cocontraction, the lateral movement of pelvis is not expected to occur, and the results of our study SHA-AB condition showed the lowest angle of PLR support this. Quantification of lumbar stability by using 2 different abdominal activation strategies.

Abdominal-Hollowing Exercises

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Studies have been conducted to document the loads imposed on the spine during various abdominal exercises 6but the effect of unstable surfaces has not been examined.

Given that weakness and dysfunction of the GM can cause back pain, hip joint pain, and iliotibial band friction syndrome, it is essential to rehabilitate and strengthen the GM Fredericson et al.

Contraction of superficial trunk muscles such as the RA and EO without local muscle contraction may lead to compressive loading and shearing forces during the curl-up exercise, which may induce stress on the inner tissues during the entire range of motion and serve as a major source of spinal pain. Keep your palms facing down.