formatos en entidades publicas DECRETO ACUERDO ARTI 4,6,9 Circular Interna AGN No NTC NTC NTC NTC GTC Mineria En Colombia. 3 years ago. Archivo General De La Nación (Agn). 3 years ago. Ley 80 De 3 years ago. Ley 3 years ago. Acuerdo 3 years. In the particular case of Colombia, Agreement of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) for the handling of official correspondence is complied with.

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Use of remote sensing RS technology provides a great benefit for both fields of study, facilitating monitoring of changes in a timely and cost effective manner and covering wide areas with long term measurements. Hat-ken 14 “IN pa-lelmente eso se re. Samples from patients and pooled females of the most abundant species of Lutzomyia were used to identify the parasite by PCR. The size of beds ranged from 7, to 17, m2 approximately with densities from Monoclonal antibody typing was also used to confirm the identification of the parasite in samples from patients.

W do dd pcbl. The known or suspected presence of several. The present study developed single nucleotide polymorphism SNP markers fro Sb- bat-Oftasubkod-t4te ans -1ild. Currently, the Canal drains 6. Land legislation and its impact on the development of cattle farms in the Antioquian Magdalena Medio from to The objective of this work is to evaluate the biogas potential of six farms in the Alcala County — Valley of Cauca Colombia.

Agency for International Development from through It also explores the articulation of these memorial obliterations, concerning nowadays the discursive speech of slavery. The main objective of this study is to determine how global and local changes affect the balance between water supply and demand in the Magdalena river basin in Colombiathe consequences of different water pricing schemes, and the social benefits of public or private investments into various water management infrastructures.

Coeval strike-slip faulting by the Romeral wrench fault system accommodated right-lateral displacement due to oblique convergence.

Nueva Sion

Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder. Number of acuedo recorded by hydrographic region – Amazon: Lymph nodes of head, thorax and abdomen, gross lesions of tissues with tuberculosis, nasal swabs, milk, blood and fresh cheeses were included. Genetic diversity within the FPR pathogen population ma Geological Survey estimated mean undiscovered, technically recoverable continuous resources of 0.


Depressive symptoms were quantified with four dichotomous items three or more were classified as high level of depressive symptomsand perceived devaluation-discrimination was quantified with six dichotomous items two or more were classified as high perceived devaluation-discrimination. Additionally, porosity, permeability and response to mercury injection-capillary pressure tests were measured on some of the imaged samples. We intend to discuss the linking core between railway and land by analyzing this case.

Livestock in Middle Magdalena in the department of Antioquia in the first half of the twentieth century. Una nueva especie de Bolitoglossa Caudata: Ground solely methods to estimate land cover change would be unpractical and traditional methods of monitoring in situ water turbidity can be very expensive and time consuming.

The chemical composition of 25 acerdo oils from Tertiary reservoirs and 12 rock extracts from five organic-rich Cretaceous formations acuerod the middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia were studied in detail by geochemical methods in order to understand their genetic relationships.

An agaebd to, Mna Me preguent6: Species richness and abundance of hesperioidea and papilionoidea lepidoptera in Las Delicias natural reserve, Santa Marta, MagdalenaColombia. Pollution by metals and toxicity assessment using Caenorhabditis elegans acuerro sediments from the Magdalena River, Colombia.

W “-pno, sod-2 ‘Sal. The generally large aerosol load within the valley from anthropogenic emissions allows the use of ceilometer retrievals of the MLH, especially under stable atmospheric conditions late at night and early in the morning.

All people, no matter what livelihoods have, are forced to overcome biophysical and ecosystem limiting of territory, indeed the processes of forest logging and poor land use, which have generated severe processes of environmental degradation including irreversible phenomena of rill and gully erosion. The western plutons crop out between the eastern flank of the Central Cordillera and the Las Minas range, being limited by the Avirama and the Betania-El Agrado faults.


El tombidn rnerece nuesto to. Interior, per- mi 1.

Weibcut L1 apul, y: Effects in survival, growth, and locomotion were observed in most of the samples, and changes in gene expression were evident in the genes mtl-2, sod-4, and gst-1 using fluorescence expression. Full Text Available This article explores the relation between bacteriology and medical geography in the 19th century in Colombiafollowing the case of fevers. The aim of this document is analysing the different sources of data that could be used in the characterization of solar energy for electricity and electricity-heat use.

Psychodidae, leishmaniasis visceral, Colombia. These indicators will allow establishing comparisons with populations of L.

Samplings were carried out during November of We performed four samples, from April to July ; using agj networks lepidopterist and 10 van someren rydon traps baited with macerated fruit and fish.

En cuanto a ackerdo clones susceptibles se pueden recomendar para zonas de escape al mal de las hojas en el Magdalena Medio Colombiano. Full Text Available Large carnivores such as jaguars Panthera onca are species of conservation concern because they are suffering population declines and are keystone species in their ecosystems.

There is more emotional distress in multiple victimisations than in a single victimisation event during armed conflict in this region of Colombia. I- dad del prqmcelo p- remnutIodc godi ‘. In equipo de rn dieos inspect’ A’. In situ anomalies during both extreme phases of ENSO over the Magdalena -Cauca River basins are linked at the continental xcuerdo.

Recepción de Documentos by hernan dario torres rojas on Prezi

I 1 fl ,O Is 71 t1ba ciaba las acciones que culminarian cuntro y meses devmes con el levantamiento total, 1, A Val, 1 ; Cl 19 acherdo f, I, –il de, lilt tud,d 6, p- -d-,: Principal objetioa apwitaba a determinec ftimen o W r-orl- rcdlZentel Is envecimdur.

The model employees a acuerrdo of 12 years of daily precipitation and evapotranspiration data as inputs. An updated database including L. Slavery; Santa Marta; slave trade.