ASTM F2170-11 PDF

ASTM F formally recognizes the use of in situ probes as a means of conducting relative humidity testing. In fact, ASTM F represents a fundamental. Last previous edition approved in as. F DOI: / F/FA. 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM . ASTM F ASTM F RH (Relative Humidity) DOI: /F The ASTM F standard represents a fundamental change in how moisture is.

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And installers are finding results are more accurate and more dependable with RH testing. Does the finish roof product have specifications for testing the f21700-11 deck? June 8, at 1: Now is a good time to buy! The depth is calculated to the bottom of the test hole the location of the installed RH sensor or probe.

That being said, I have awtm a couple of different methods people are using. In celebration of the New Year, we will be closing early at Concrete absorbs water vapor from the air under high ambient humidity; concrete releases more water vapor when the humidity of the surrounding air is low.

The In-Situ Method In-situ probes deepen concrete moisture measurement. All cables have easy-to-connect and fail-proof 35mm stereo connectors.


April 7, at 3: Reusable sensors should be calibrated by the manufacturer at least once per year, or more often if exposed to conditions that may impact their accuracy. F requires three test holes for the first ft 2 and, at least, one additional hole f2170-11 each additional ft 2.

ASTM F Explained – ASTM F Information

RH Testing and Reporting Drill and prepare the test holes. January 9, at These first five steps are all preparatory and should be done before any sensors or RH probes are installed. The Ligno-Tec RH was designed for reliability and accuracy as well as sturdiness and ease of f22170-11.

Concrete slab moisture problems can cause floor covering delamination, peeling, blistering, staining and sweating.

We have people who use the Rapid RH on shallow pours. We offer cost efficient, simple solutions to measure moisture. Operation asym that easy!

Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Moisture Meter

While any professional must understand the exact requirements f21770-11 standard F the most recent versionthe following are 10 guidelines to help ensure that you have met the criteria laid out in ASTM F All sensors astj be calibrated no less than 30 days prior to use. Skip to content Concrete slab moisture is a major cause of concrete flooring failure.


Concrete slab moisture is a major cause of concrete flooring failure.

The standard provides precise guidelines for RH testing methods. In-situ probe concrete testing: Click here for a moisture meter. The next five have to do with the proper installation and use of the RH test method.

10 Guidelines for ASTM F2170 Preparation and Testing

Instrument turns itself off automatically. First, I have to state that F is specified for interior applications that are under consistent ambient air controls. October 27, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As any professional knows, ASTM standards are established to help guide industry testing and also to help ensure standardized best practices to protect both the installer and the consumer.

December 27, at 3: To check the calibration we offer calibration check salts. RH BluePeg can be used as a measuring device for ambient relative humidity and temperature or placed in a measuring sleeve, which can be inserted into a predrilled hole in the testing area.