Bhrigu Sutras, bhrugu. His famous compilation, Bhrigu Samhita, which contains the predictions for thousands of combinations, is popular even today. There is. The book titled Bhrigu Sutras in English in PDF format. 1Maharshi Bhrigu’s Bhrigu Sutras Introduction The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction w.

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The signification- brothers and sisters are not damaged by the presence of the Moon in the third house. Since our community serves a broad range of ages, we do not encourage content that could make a majority of our users uncomfortable.

Bhrigu Sutras.pdf – Veda

We have found it correct in only one case so far. I n this connection it should be noted sktras full M oon is rated as a first class benefic. Watery places like ponds, tanks, wells etc. The fact that has since been 12 universally accepted is that Rahu Ketu are celestial points on the Zodiac with regulated movement and orbit and they have a distinct and predictable influence in horoscopes.

The reason for the native not being intelligent may be due to the 32 instability of native’s mind. He will, however, be devoid of learning, and power vhrigu be blind. Phaldeepika-The native will be bereft of happiness, wealth and children. For you to have the best experience on Lulu. The face will be large and round. It is difficult to explain how cattle of the native will be destroyed by the presence of the Sun in the eighth house and it is again a matter for verification by practical experience.

A Iso the other ill effects ascribed to the M oon will be felt if there is evil influence on sugras M oon. This disposition will cause Rajayoga as a result of which native will acquire name, fame and wealth. He will have good friends, good reputation and will enjoy the comfort bhdigu conveyances.

The fifth house is also a significator for religious mindedness, spiritual practice and prayers by incantations. Phaldeepika-The native will be short lived and stupid. For the same reason his marital life will not be happy.


If the Sun is exalted in A ries or in his own sign Leothe native will be long lived. The native will not get much happiness in hischildhood. If the Sun be in Leo, the person concerned will be night blind. Note-Except the views of Chamatkar Chintamani.

A s regards the statement that the presence of the M oon in 8th house will separate the native from his relations on account of his wife we are unable to find any astrological reason for it, but as the statement comes from a distinguished authority, the readers may verify it from their practical experience. N ormally the Sun who is himself the source of light cannot take light out of the eyes.

Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will always be ready to do any work entrusted to him. I n this chapter we propose to give information about the Zodiac, signs and the planets.

Full text of “Bhrigu Sutras”

Saravali-The native will be valourous, full of strength, respected, good looking, learned and conqueror of enemies. As we have already stated in our detailed comments above, the adverse results such as loss of children etc. C aput and C auda are the other names given to them by W esterners. H e will suffer from eye troubles. H e will have many enemies but will be very well off financially. V enus can never be more than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

T he Sun in the T hird H ouse Sutras f the Sun is in the third house, the native will be brotherless no younger brothers and his elder brothers will not survive. The native will be wise and brilliant but will have few children. H e will have a good bhritu and will enjoy his wealth.

The second house is house of wealth D hanabhava. Note-Except for Chamatkar Chintamani all the above authorities seem to be in agreement with Bhrigu Sutras about the evil effects of the Moon when posited in the sixth house. There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. H e will be wealthy, patient, of forgiving bhhrigu and will be liked by women.


N ote-l n essence all the above authorities agree with the conclusions mentioned in B hrigu Sutras. H e is the G od of dispute, destruction and war. Generally Mercury who is significator of speech, is combust on account of nearness to the Sun. H e will become less fortunate and the native will have inimical relations with his, father ninth house is a significator for father.

In Pisces the Sun makes the native- subservient to women. C hapter V Effects of Mercury in byrigu twelve houses.

He will suffer from burigu troubles, his agricultural output will be negligible and he will be unfortunate. Other Views Brihat Jatak-The native will have a limited number of issues and will have defective eye sight.

This is because the 8th house being house of longevity a strong M oon she will be lord of 8 th in 8 th if she is in her own signwill 40 give a long life to the native. He will suffer from diseases of the secret organs. Bhhrigu was usually portrayed as a youth, flying with wings at his heels, bearing a cadaceus made of olive wood about which were twined serpents, the rod being surmounted with a pair of wings.

She rules liquids, fresh water, milk, public commodities like groceries, fish, drinks etc.

Bhrigu Sutras by Dr S.P Bhagat (eBook) – Lulu

The wife will be beautiful because the Moon is a sutrad who symbolises beauty. It is the Sun’s apparent path that is called the ecliptic. Life will be shortened if the Moon is weak sytras quantum of shortening life will be in proportion to the weakness of the M oon.

A malefic M oon will cause loss of wife. The Sun, the Moon and Mars are friends of J upiter. H e will suffer from stomach ailments and will be defeated and humiliated by enemies.

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