: The Bible Unearthed: Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman, Thierry Ragobert: Movies & TV. Simcha said: The Bible Unearthed is a rich informative book that manages to In this iconoclastic and provocative work, leading scholars Israel Finkelstein and. In this iconoclastic and provocative work, leading scholars Israel Finkelstein and its new vision of ancient Israel, The Bible Unearthed offers a fascinating and.

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Bib,e with Shakespeare, the Bible is among the most read books in the world today. The archaeology aside, this book provides a great political history of the relationships between the northern Israelite and southern highland Judahite peoples — their differences, Israel’s rise and fall, and Judah’s fortunate timing to emerge as Israel’s Assyrian conquerers fell. For more details see The Archaeological Evidence for the Exodus. Much of their book is spent on trying to prove this point with archaeological evidence.

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The Bible Unearthed – Wikipedia

The Bible Unearthed exhibits both in abundance. Haran was prosperous during the Neo-Assyrian period. I’ve been a fan for some years of Werner Keller’s The Bible as Historyand it still has a lot of good material on the archaeology of the Bible. The Tel Dan Stelethe Mesha Stelethe Black Obelisk of Shalmaneserand direct evidence from excavations, together paint a picture of the Omride kings ruling a rich, powerful, and cosmopolitan empire, stretching from Damascus to Moab[33] and building some of the largest and most beautiful constructions of Iron Age Israel; [34] by contrast, the Bible only remarks that the Omrides ‘married foreign women’ presumably to make alliances and upheld Canaanite religion, both of which it regards as wicked.


Baruch Halpern author of The First Historians: Many refugees flooded into Judah which then developed complex state institutions. The reason that I’am enjoying it is because of the archeological data he uses as proof is what strengthens and affirms my faith in the Bible as Gods word.

Ammon and Moab were not nations at the time of Moses.

Now the United Kingdom is brought into question by archaeology. The emergence of Israel into a central government was probably due to the threat posed by the Philistines who invaded the coastal plain of Canaan about BC.

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Lot’s daughters as the roots to Moam and Ammon; Jacob and Esau establishing the legitimization of Israel as having bestowed the birthright. Albright, insisted that Genesis is historical.

Thus the book is ideologically driven and controlled. Were Solomon and David great kings who ruled a powerful and united Kingdom of Israel? Simon and SchusterMar 6, – Religion – pages.

In the summer of at Tel Dan a fragmentary black basalt monument was found with the inscription of “House of David. There were lots of new historical facts I had never considered and discrepancies between the Bible and archeological research that I didn’t know about presented in this book.

Views Read Edit View history. Samples date well after Solomon. In addition, the later genealogies that traced Jacob’s descendants were confusing, if not plainly contradictory.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. In the Sinai there has not been found one shred of evidence that the Israelites camped there.

cinkelstein Look at the comments and you will see the one star reviewers are uber religious and lash out at everything the authors postulate. Instead, it was the northern kingdom of Israel that was succeeding finkelsteon B. Israel finds himself somewhere in the middle, a centrist. The power of the biblical saga stems from its being a compelling and coherent narrative expression of the timeless themes of a people’s liberation, continuing resistance to oppression, and quest for social equality.


With Josiah’s death Egypt became suzerain over Judah.

J source uses the name Jehovah, from Judah. All the places mentioned in the wilderness wanderings were inhabited in the 7th century BC. Good king believer in one God and destroyer of idols and the country prospers; bad king worships other gods and bile others to do so and the land is invaded and suffers.

Puede tener errores, pero para haber sido de memoria, creo que me quedo conforme con lo aprendido en el libro. The authors themselves characterise the book as: Don’t have a Kindle?

See 1 question about The Bible Unearthed…. As the authors note in closing: Approaching the Bible archaeologically has many benefits, notably in understanding the history of the Levant.

IBSS – The Bible – The Bible Unearthed

The Jewish Study Bible: The Exodus story is explained as an explanation of how the people reached their current lands, but the actual events are judged as not fitting against the time, Egyptian span of control, or place names. Finkelstein and Silberman state, “In the last few decades scholarly opinion about the dates and authorship of these individual sources have varied wildly” p.

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