Bsp Mm Smg Bsp 9mm. Last Updated on Wed, 01 Aug | Submachine gun. jurwvoi imrw. clean, with no metal cuttings or other foreign material present. Expedient Homemade Firearms The 9mm ‘BSP’ Sub – Machine Gun The following des Expedient Homemade Firearms – BSP 9mm SMG. But the BSP 9mm requires none of those skills away but i doubt plod will be very happy if i started turning out SMG’s for about £ a pop.

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If the builder is a machinist with a lathe and mill, the job will take no more then two days. 9mj this BSP machine skg design uses some of the same components seen in ‘Expedient Homemade Firearms’ Volume I, I have not discussed their manufacture again here, for fear of boring the reader, and myself.

The weapon shown in the following document has not been built and is therefore a prototype design emg. Gun control will, however, create more and more victims of violent crime as long as we allow ourselves to be disarmed behind the smokescreen of ‘Crime control’. The pin should protrude 8mm from the sears right side when fitted.

The weapon is a 9 mm automatic, built from the book Expedient Homemade Firearms.

Neither the registered owner or any other person affiliated with this website shall be held liable or responsible, or in any way encumbered by the material posted on this page or any other unit sub-page within this site. About two weeks ago the police in Winnipeg, Canada, confiscated a a bunch of saw off shotguns, ammo and a unidentified submachine gun that is reported to be homemade.

It is smooth bore, so it will not be accurate at all. Grind and stone the square body to the proper size, then blaze an extension to the end and push or pull it through the revolving barrel.

It might be a good idea, at this time, to define exactly what is required for the barrel we need. In these days of increasingly oppressive anti-gun policies and almost police state politics affecting many other areas of our lives, it has never been more important for the aware citizen to know how a working firearm is constructed. A section of military rifle barrel, or a length of suitable steel automobile axle material is often acceptable should be cut to a length at least one-half inch longer than the finished barrel length.


The top of this box, which fits against the bottom of the receiver, should be filed to match the contour of the receiver as closely 9km possible so that when the takedown bolt is drawn up tight, the two pieces will fit to-gethertclosely, keeping the joint as dust and dirt-proof as possible.

An armed society sm the ‘safety net’, a last wall of defence, the people possess Possessed? This plug should never be removed from the bore until its work is finished.

No wonder those with ill intent would like to see the people disarmed! This pin shouid be 20mm in iength. Here is a plan for it on Scribd.

Then carefully push 99mm slug out of the barrel and cut a slot in one of the grooved impressions in the slgg, one of the raised ridges. This is the surest way of maintaining the correct balance of power between state and citizen.

Expedient Homemade Firearms – BSP 9mm SMG

Crazy weird to read about something like this in your own city on a firearm blog! I too thought it looked a lot like an old MP from the WW2 era. It is chambered in. At first I thought it may be an MPbut it is not.

Given your fascination with homemade guns might I recommend a visit to this forum: It is hoped that you will be able to secure barrel blanks of the proper size if and when you need one.

Bsp Mm Smg Bsp 9mm – Submachine gun – Bev Fitchett’s Guns Magazine

Don’t let hollywood fool you either, even a 9mm SMG is not something that is easily controlled by someone with little to no experience with them. Looks like a 9nm with a 9mj magazine port.

This handle should be used both with the rifling head and the lapping rod so that each may follow the rifling. The recoil will force the firearm to move, looking at this design, upback and to the left. The trigger will project through the hole thus formed.


An Orwellian society, nanny state, surveillance society, call it what you wish, they are all part of the same despotic ideas that have, in the last century alone, lead Europe twice down the path of dictatorship and destruction. If no barrel blanks or chamber reamers are available when you have a need to make this gun, you will have to make the needed tools to drill, ream, and rifle the barrel yourself. Like for intels quark CPU? At one time, the plans were available from Paladin Press pretty sure.

The Home Gunsmith

The magazine and magazine well being two examples. If I cannot buy the full weapon ready smgg from a legal merchant legally, I don’t get near it.

The most expensive part is the cheap barrel. I founded TFB in and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog bs.

A 4mm diameter dowel pin a spring pin could be used as a substitute is tapped into the 3. If more lapping is needed, the old lap should be melted off the rod and a new one made. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

Comtemplating Building a BSP 9mm

Different than a Sten too. Those surplus parts were relatively easy to purchase in the pre-ban era not that they were banned, just less temporally remote hsp that time. As a design improvement i have added a plastic tube cap, retained with two pins, to act as the magazine base piate.

This slot will accept a simple hook type rifling cutter as shown in the drawing.