Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages is an academic book by Carlota Perez that seeks to describe the. Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital has ratings and 27 reviews. Carlota Perez draws upon Schumpeter’s theories of the clustering of. Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital presents a novel interpretation of the Carlota Perez draws upon Schumpeter’s theories of the clustering of.

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The link between financial capital and production capital is repaired. Steam engines and machinery, iron and coal miningrolling stock production.

Oct 17, Nils rated it really liked it Shelves: A lot of food for thought – a useful and very pertinent framework for thinking about how technological innovation, finance and politics interact.

The stylized model that she presents is both general enough to describe commonalities between all such cycles, and specific enough in that it recognizes the variance in how economic phenomena actually transpire. Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: It’s already changed a lot of the way I think about innovation and investment.

Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital C. Social structure and infrastructure have adapted to the new technologies. Or did social media create a whole new thing? Revolutions often involve significant changes in direction, uninstalling what was previously installed, unlearning much of the old to learn the new, closing dead end paths as others are jumping onto new bandwagons.

Acquire and mobilize rent-type assets real estate, futures F Questionable innovations Legal loopholes fiscal havens. The book provided an incredible framew A must read for anyone interested in the intersection of markets and technology.

Book Summary: Technological Revolutions, by Carlota Perez | Allen Cheng

Another reason, explained later, is that the next technological revolution picks up in the maturity phase of the previous one — so different technologies may take different amounts of time to exhaust markets and begin looking for radical innovations.


Must read for anyone with remote interest in understanding technological cycles. The internet made distribution nearly free, reduced startup financiak, and enabled discoverabilty.

When there is inertia in technology, unrest in the fapital sphere from declining profits and social sphere from wealth inequality prompts looking for radical technology innovations.

She wrote caflota book right after the dot-com crash of the late 90’s and so we can already see that there was at least one mistake in her predictions because the “turning point” into the deployment period ended up stretching out much longer than she predicted at the time. The account of how financing that is, how money “seeks” to fund innovation and then “make money from money,” or “rent-seeking” as the czpital like to say is especially intere What you get from this book is an explanation of how new technologies and the resulting changes in society esp.

Book review of “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital” | Experiments in Digital Economics

One thing this book does that so many of its peers refuse to do is make predictions. In the end, I really can’t recommend this book highly enough. You must be logged in to post a comment. Changed the way I look at the world. Each revolution is initially received as a threat to the established way of doing things peerz firms, institutions, and society — which have all optimized for the previous revolution. Really suggested for people who want to go beyond appearance and buzzwords. Then I want to get to this whole narrative quality — the faith in future.


My library Help Advanced Book Search. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Financial capital reallocates and redistributes wealth. Mar 26, Andrew Han rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reschedule debts Brady Bonds, swaps Buy active production assets mergers, takeovers Acquire and mobilize rent-type assets real estate, futures.

The last passage is from Juneand I’d e revolutionx to see the author’s current WTF analysis on the world economy. That is even easier for Europeans than adopting a standardized American way of life which they happily did. Nov 06, Elaina Wesel rated it it was ok.

Other features include intense investment in the revolution, and decoupling with the whole system, and this is when the financial bubble happens. Again, a product of design. These agents do this with borrowed money from financial capital and share the generated wealth.

Book Summary: Technological Revolutions, by Carlota Perez

Economically, the technology brings a shift in relative price structure that guides economic agents toward use of the new technologies. But she seems barely to acknowledge that just because something is necessary doesn’t mean ajd it will necessarily happen.

It helps to start from the end of the previous revolution, which offers the gestational environment for new innovation. The information revolution began with chips and hardware, leading to software and telecom, leading to the Internet, leading to mobile. Written in after the dotcom crash, Technological Caroota was remarkably prescient in predicting how the tech economy would evolve in the following two decades.