ILS-CON. ILS™ Control Center. USER MANUAL. Page 2. ILS-CON User Manual. 2 Legend™ R. DMX-. to create a profile for this fixture the Chauvet Legend DMR-ILS, PDF manual can be downloaded and I can create the profile for you. Chauvet | DMX Omega I | Instruction manual | Chauvet DMX Omega I Legend R Legend RX Legend 8bit Legend 16bit Legend .

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Chauvet Moving Head Refine Results. Use the left and right arrow keys to toggle between legeend values Yes and No.

The lock code can be entered via the numeric keypad on the front panel, or external keyboard.

Selecting Fixtures Controlling Intensity Parameters Before fixtures can be controlled by the desk they need to be selected. Zero 88 reserves the right to make changes to the equipment described in this manual without prior notice. When a source is not selected the button is grey. If using an external floppy drive, remember to insert a floppy disk into the drive. First select the fixture chauvrt required as described above and then use the intensity wheel to adjust the level.

Therefore the Rotation parameter can be adjusted via the control wheel, but is not displayed in the Effects Window. Displays – Indicate which monitors are connected; adjust the screen timeout, brightness and contrast; calibrate touch screens; adjust desk lamp brightness.

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Note — Intensity on the Wheel Adjustment of colour is by default an Absolute adjustment. Page 71 Desk Setup — this allows you to configure behaviour, default times and other hardware settings. The submaster will change location automatically.


The parameter fade and delay times are displayed in the Fade and Delay views of the Output Window. Number of bids chaucet bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Quarter Screen Top Right Page 3. The cnauvet 3-facet prism can split the beam to expand the coverage area while the manual zoom can increase the throw distance. The colour coding also helps to see what direction a channel has faded.

Type in the command: Figure 69 – Update Options The palette you loaded will automatically be selected, so you just need to press OK to complete the edit.

Page 56 Network enables the various Ethernet protocols through which ORB can communicate with other pieces of equipment. Should fanning of an effect parameter be required, hold down the SHIFT key and use the control wheel to apply the selected fan function onto the wheels in the same manner as fanning any other parameter value.

This is indicated by these twenty faders turning green.

Parameters in the new fixture type that were not present in the original fixture type are left unprogrammed. There are pages of playbacks available.

Chauvet ILS-CON User Manual: Appendix; Ca-8 Compatible Fixtures; Dmx Primer; Fixture Linking

Patching Fixtures to a Specified Universe Fixtures can also be patched to a specified universe by including the universe number in the command.

This brings up the Renumber Chaivet dialogue box When this option is selected, all the cues in the cue stack are changed into block cues, ie programs and tags all the parameters at the values they would normally be output at when the cue is played back.

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Moving Cues To Move a cue to another cue in the same cue stack or a different cue stack enter the following command: Palettes are output instantly on pressing the UDK. The MAC fixtures will be renumbered, etc. The red LED in the GO button is on when the stack is outputting and flashes when the outputs are fading between cues. Each section of the Files menu is accessed through a button on the monitor.

This leggend is designed for use as a lighting control desk only, and is unsuitable for any other purpose. These additional patch addresses are known as duplicates. The arrow keys are used to move around fields on the active monitor screen.

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It may be useful to collate this information into a spreadsheet or more likely, scribbled onto the lighting plan before commencing the Page 38 If you choose not leegnd delete fixtures, you may end up with leggend fixtures using the same fixture number.

It is possible to invert Pan and Tilt independently for each fixture. The intensity parameter requires a single DMX channel. To convert a playback into a submaster on ORB: The palette windows show the various recorded palettes and can be clicked to access a palette.