Coin Acceptors (Coinco) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of coin mechanisms, bill acceptors, control systems, and vending machines for the. Vantage · BillPro · Bill Recyclers (1/0). Vantage VR6 · Product History (2/0). Bill Acceptors · Coin Changers · iris (2/2). iris Reader · iris Media · Coinco-Office (0/1) . COINCO GLOBAL 2® SERIES O P E R AT I O N AN D S E R V I CE MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1: GENERAL INFORMATION.

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Louis, MO Phone: These modules should be removed in the following sequence: Replace tube sensor board.

The last two digits indicates the changers payout configuration. Gloobal Exact Change Setting is now programmed to the value you have set. Use button B increase or button D decrease to reach the desired tube selection. Use buttons B increase or D decrease to change the value. Repeat steps for the remaining priceline addresses. Set the desired vend price and options on the changer.

As usual, any cashbox coins will be accepted and routed to the cashbox. Press A to return to the Address selection. Hand loading the tubes will not give an accurate audit reading.

If coin still goes to cashbox, replace acceptor with good acceptor and test to see if changer functions properly. All models have MDB in addition to the primary protocol XXX The first digit of the model number indicates the series of the changer 7, 8 or 9. The payout configuration has now been changed to: Coin return lever Make sure changer is mounted correctly and acceptor gate opens when vendor coin return lever is operated.

If still no payout, replace motor with good motor and test to see if changer operates properly. Frequency of maintenance will depend on environment and number of transactions.


This will keep the changer clean and offer the best protection for the unit. Press B to increase to the next priceline E.

Coin Acceptors (Coinco) Europe

Place a screw driver into the slot and apply an inward pressure to free the tube retainer tab whilst pulling upwards on the tube. These shims are color-coded and are fixed to the bottom of the coin tubes. Shims are removed and replaced by sliding in or out of the bottom of the coin tube. Float modes will be turned off and coin counts will be cleared for any tube in which all coins assigned to the tube were not previously assigned to the tube and have been assigned during the current payout configuration session.

The coins will then be routed to the cashbox. Refer to the model and serial number whenever you call upon your Coinco Service Centre for information or service. The reported currency will be that of the coins being paid out Used to select a standard payout configuration or for a user payout configuration.

The display will show the current float mode settings for all tubes. Coin Number 0 is the first coin value accepted, coins that are disabled are not reported. Make sure tube sensor board is properly secured to main logic board. For example, Serial Number would indicate that the unit was manufactured in the 15th week of Page 16 The Exact Change Group can be programmed in three ways: This feature only provides a means for the acceptor to alter coin routing when different physical payout tubes have been placed in the changer body.

Use buttons B increase and D decrease to change the value to the desired price. Remove any lodged coins. Remove the screws from the bottom, exterior sides of the changer housing and remove payout base.


Since all coins share a common coin ramp, heavy usage or a dirty environment can result in dirt build-up. Programmable tube floats allow variable tube level adjustment. Press the top of the acceptor into the changer housing until the acceptor latches and locks.

The changer will automatically return to operating mode after 45 seconds of no activity or if button A escape is pressed. The Display Mode will exit automatically if there is no programming action for 30 seconds. Free acceptor studs from changer housing.

Select tube B, drop one of coin type 1. Press B to scroll up to C Price 1.

coinco global 2® 800 series operation and service manual

All Global changers are equipped with the MDB interface as standard. Connect the appropriate interface harness to the vending machine. Remove recessed screw that secures gloal board cover and remove cover. Button activation will be recognized only if longer than 0.

coinco global 2® series operation and service manual |

Press A to store price and return to the Display Mode. Acceptor is dirty or foreign matter in coin accept path Check to see that acceptor coin path is clean and free of matter Clean acceptor and remove any foreign matter.

Supply Voltage Error The error codes listed below are displayed upon occurrence: Press B increase or D decrease to choose one of the programmable payout configuration selections.