campaign-specific crossbreeds, make a characters bloodline an important part of the ongoingstory, races unrelated to other bloodlines (though this affects the. Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance Aellar Alicorn. Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance.

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Bastards and Bloodlines for D&D 3.0/3.5

UnearthedArcana submitted 1 year ago by kgd Empires of the Dragon Sands. Thanks for your support: Repeat or extreme offenders will be banned. But you’re right, if any of these races ought to get a bonus to Charisma, it should be the Houri.

Thank you for your feedback! So any ideas for it? There’a already a bunch that have it.

D&D bastards and bloodline – [PDF Document]

Thats a good idea, thanks for the suggestion: Yeah I stumbled upon this a few months ago and thought it was great so I wanted to qnd my own for 5e. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Submit a new text post. There are lots of game rules for new half-bred races, a new type of magic and plenty of templates.

It finishes on page 63 and with the Wyrd nice name: Citing only the host, such as Pinterest, isn’t sufficient. I’m not the only one who loved this book, YES Even content under public domain or that you made yourself must be cited, since the moderators can’t otherwise know their source in advance. bastadds


Geek Native “Hello, I’m your level 7 wandering monster. There are new feats and prestige classes in Bastards. The stats include favoured class often the first thing forgotten by third party publishers and level adjustment notes for powerful half-breeds.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! It wont have hyperlinks, but it looks much more neat and clean, so I’ll be using that.

Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links. We want this to be the place where a DM can go just before playing and find something that will be useful. Don’t miss these posts. Crossbreeding seem to be as inevitable as they are inappropriate.

Reddit automatically removes those. I mean sure, you amd totally make the piercing damage be 2, and it wouldnt break the game. Despite all the numbers and dice in the pages the book is pleasant and easy to read. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Certain content, such as classes and subclasses, can be posted with only the earlier stages completed at least levels for classes, levels for subclassesas long as it’s usable.

I would just say that different half-breeds inherit certain characteristics from each parent and houri and spring children happen to not inherit fey ancestry. I say tentatively, though, since I bet you have a much better overview of how the different races compare!

Keep It Free and Easily Accessible Any content behind a paywall, any suspicious links, and any content requiring too many steps to access will be removed. The introduction contains an intelligent discussion on the merits and flaws of having half-breeds in your campaign world.


Bastards and Bloodlines offers up some help, some guidance and then swiftly moves on. It might just be my Chrome, but it does not behave nice right now. Be respectful of other users. Cite All Content and Art.

Bastards and Bloodlines – Half-Breed Races converted from to 5e v : UnearthedArcana

My goal is to provide balanced options for players or for dms to make interesting npcs. These feats and prestige classes are undeniably best suited to half-breeds.

The Specific Half-Breed chapter is about half of ajd book. I can use that. All times are GMT Although, I might change around which fey-related races get fey ancestry.


Scott The New World, Part 9: Hope you get a chance to playtest some of these! Please wait one week before reposting updated homebrew. Curated List — an extensive and ever-growing list of the best homebrew FAQ – Questions that pop up a lot and our responses Related Subreddits. Would love to hear about it: Don’t use bloodliness shorteners! It was 1am when I wrapped it up, so it might be a bit buggy. However, maps are permitted when they are accompanied by enough detail to easily be used to run a short adventure or are accompanied by enough narrative detail.

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