Its easy to care for style and resilience to neglect make it a wonderful house plant Dieffenbachia amoena (scientific name) plants will grow up to six feet tall. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: A robust herbaceous shrub with usually unbranched fleshy stems and large elliptic leaves arching gracefully from the upright. Dieffenbachias are easy houseplants that tolerate a wide range of conditions. The name Dumb Cane reflects the fact that the acrid sap will burn.

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After several weeks new growth should sprout from near the top of the bare amoema as in the picture above. Subscribe for tips, news and deals.

Dieffenbachia amoena can be propagated by tip and nodal cuttings. Gastric evacuation or lavage is “seldom” dieffenvachia indicated. You can somtimes divide Dumb Canes when you repot them if they’re very bushy, although for the same reason why you should think carefully before repotting – when you divide you inevitably reduce the bushy nature.

Dieffenbachia amoena

In some cases the swelling is so bad it causes the victim to go silent for diefffnbachia to talk, this is where the common name of Dumb Cane came from. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden. If the roots are becoming dense, re-pot into a size bigger pot. If a leaf is chewed, these crystals can cause a temporary burning sensation and erythema.


Dumbcane Scientific classification Kingdom: Some species are widely cultivated as ornamental plants, especially as houseplants, and have become naturalized on a few tropical islands. Dieffenbachia amoena dumbcane is a monocot dieffenbachoa is commonly cultivated as a houseplant, for its decorative leaves. Dieffenbachia includes a number of unresolved taxonomic names, such as Dieffenbachia amoena.

Ficus Ficus Pumila, F. Retrieved from ” https: Repotting You can repot at ameona time of the year but do so with caution for two reasons. Before moving the plant, allow the soil to dry out. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. A normal sign of aging. Plants that receive too little light or too little water will simply not grow as quickly as plants that are given proper care.

If the bright light occurs suddenly or for prolonged periods then scorch will result – large sections of the leaf will go almost see through or brown up and ruin the appearance of the plant. Archived from the original PDF on July 16, Journal of Tropical Ecology.

Species in this genus are popular as houseplants because of their tolerance of shade. This Araceae -related article is a stub.

Dumb Cane Plants Indoors – Dieffenbachia Amoena

This is actually wrong, light shade is acceptable but nothing darker. It will grow in almost any soil mix except sand and orchid mixtures. Each plant features leaves which are yellow near their vein, abruptly turning a dark green toward the edge of the leaf. The ultimate height of Dumb Canes will be in response to the size of their pots. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Consider wearing gloves or make sure you wash your hands as soon as you’ve finished. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dieffenbachia.


The Golden Rule is to water well, then leave to dry out, before watering really well again.

Humidity Many books and websites recommend high humidity. Dieffenbachia amoena scientific name plants will grow up to six feet tall, and are known for their wide, bushy leaves.

Dieffenbachia amoena – Wikipedia

As a result, the frog population fluctuated with the abundance of Dieffenbachiaespecially in secondary forest. Remember to water well then wait until the soil dries out some what before watering again.

Brown edges suggest overwatering. Although this plant will occasionally produce buds that are 5 inches 12 cm long, they will only bloom in perfect conditions. It will accept lighting conditions up to full shade and continue stunted growth.

Retrieved from ” https: