Slavkov u Brna .. Losos B., Maget J., Ryšavý J. (): Ekologie živočichů. výzkum, šlechtění a služby, s.r.o., oddělení ochrany rostlin, Zemědělská / Find Your Top Rated Local Jazz & Blues Nearby You in Czech Republic. See Hours, Locations, Real Reviews And More. Kaštan, Jazz Tibet Club, Charleston. ných procesů rostlin podmíněných tvorbou a aktivitou enzymů in vivo a in vitro. . dium biologie a ekologie škodlivých činitelů, jakož i užitečných organismů, para- var. slavkoviensis Neuwirth from Southern Moravia near Slavkov not far.

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Masaryk University in Brno. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Contributions to the knowledge of the French desmid flora I. This study focuses on filling this gap in case of desmids in the region, Moravia Czech Republic.

Desmid flora of mires in Central and Northern Moravia (Czech Republic)

Character and origin of the unique locality Slavkov mire is discussed. Conjugatophyceae ; Desmidiales ; diversity ; Moravia ; mires.


Desmid community composition and distribution in relation to lake type and water chemistry. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Epipelic cyanobacteria and algae: Desmids Conjugatophyceae, Viridiplantae from the Czech Republic; new and rare taxa, distribution, ecology.

Diversity and morphological disparity of desmid assemblages in Central European peatlands.

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In contrast to higher plants, diversity and distribution of microalgae is not very well understood and floristic data is incomplete for xlavkov regions. A monograph of the British Desmidiaceae, Vol. Issue 1 First Online: Charles University in Prague. Desmids from ephemeral pools and aerophytic habitats from the Czech Republic.

Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae of the European Lowlands. Sign in to annotate.

Epibryic diatoms from ombrotrophic mires: New and remarkable desmids Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta from Europe: Algae in ground water below the active stream of a river Basin of the Morava River, Czechoslovakia.

Species which have been found are briefly discussed with regard to their previous records for Moravia or for the whole Czech Republic. Desmids of the Lowlands. A check-list of desmids Chlorophyta, Zygnemaphyceae of France. New and noteworthy taxa from the Central and Eastern Pyrenees.

Line drawings of 66 taxa are included. Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract In contrast to higher plants, diversity and distribution of microalgae is not very well understood and floristic data is incomplete for many regions.


Compendium from training course, September During the yearsdesmid flora of nine Moravian Czech Republic peat bogs and wetlands were studied.

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Spatial distribution, remarkable finds. One hundred and nine taxa belonging to 14 genera have been found, 42 of them are new records for Moravia, and five of them are new for the Czech Republic Closterium cf. The relevance of desmids in the biological typology and evaluation of fresh waters.

The biology of desmids. Woelker l ing W. Biology and diversity of desmids.