März Dresdner Musikfestspiele /Deutsche Radio Philharmonie. ISU World Cup Short . programme, Handwerkermarkt. Juni Das Elbhangfest lädt am kommenden Wochenende ein und warum sie sich für das Programm ; Zuschlagskriterien: Preis. 1. Sept. programm für Toleranz und Demo- kratie und gegen Extremismus Maßnahmen noch im Jahr Elbhangfest bis maximal: 10 Euro.

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Please do also pay attention to individual sports, such as juggling or mono-cycling. In addition, every department or faculty has its own computer room, offering subject related, specialised hard- and software. Whereas almost all cinemas show the latest movies and blockbusters, the independent and non-mainstrain cinemas have other focal points. Scanning the job advertisement sections classified sections of regional papers and magazines or of the independent university papers ad rem and CAZ might be helpful.


Every student who wishes to do so may do sports e. In many halls of residence you can find a student club. During the entire time of the festival, the adjoining streets form a traffic free zone, so that the relaxed atmosphere eblhangfest the festival can be fully enjoyed.

The library provides literature on a great variety of subjects, reference books and magazines.

As already mentioned you will find initiatives such slbhangfest faranto and the Erasmus initiative at your university or college which will support you in organising and pursuing your studies. During a longer period of renovation these art treasures were exhibited in the Albertinum. You can attend events e. In some cases, printing requires a copy- and print-card. The salary is free of taxes and national insurance, provided it does not exceed an amount of euros per month.

More information on our cookie policy and changing your browser settings is available here. Special spectator magnets are the soccer club 1.

Students coming from non-EU member states do often have only limited opportunities to find a job. In the three days of the festival, which are repeated every year in late June, the area between Loschwitz and Pillnitz becomes a huge amusement park, with attractions for adults and children, with more than events taking place in an area of no more than seven kilometers, on the banks of the river.


You are always invited to attend the International Coffee Hourwalking toursfield trips and so forth. No progra,m to which department, faculty or institute you belong, the PC-pool located in Willersbau is always open for use.

On and around campus there are numerous copy shops where students can also buy study materials and readers for various tutorials and courses.

After having registered you are required to transfer the course fee into the account of the USZ. Explore and find your favourite cinema!

Grottenwirtschaft – Programm

The futuristic architecture of the library building with its floors being situated subterraneanously is of special interest. Cheap flights Dresden Photo by francoisroche.

In accordance with their fields of interest the various clubs and initiatives offer diverse fields of activities. Watch out for vacancies at the faculties. At the end of a demanding day of studying, you deserve time for recreation and personal development. For reasons of study as well as for private purposes using a computer and 22011 internet will probably be of fundamental importance to you. Emmy November 14, For any further information visit the official website.

The Elbhangfest has become a tradition since and involves the inhabitants of nearby Dresden and many tourists coming from all over Europe. Progrramm course, this modern library has photocopiers and book scanners available which can be used with the so-called AFS-copy card, obtainable against a deposit in the AFS copy-shop second basement floor. In addition, you can use easily program, copy machines throughout the university buildings, working on the basis of a system independent from the SLUB.

In addition to cultural leisure activities doing sports might be good to compensate for your academic studies.

Written applications are preferable when full-time jobs or practical trainings are concerned. The following section focuses on student groups, clubs and initiatives. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 6. Moreover, you will be given interesting advice.


Regional traders as well as arts and crafts representatives use this festival as a platform to present themselves to the general public, framed by concerts and shows. The advantages of participating in one of elbhanvfest courses are most obvious.

In progrwmm following you will find many tips on how to organise your everyday life, on extension studies, the use of libraries, job opportunities and of course on interesting leisure facilities including cultural and sports highlights.

After you arrival in Dresden and the initial period of organising your life and study, you probably aim at improving your language skills. The Bunte Republik Neustadta multicultural festival in the Neustadt district, lasting for two days, is known for its open, cross-cultural and easy-going atmosphere. For magazines please use the subject data bases or ask staff members at the information desk. In addition, initiatives and clubs exist that dedicate themselves to specific themes or fields of activity.

A grand costume parade opens the festival, a popping fireworks show closes it. The reasons why students work besides studying are diverse: Maybe you will discover an exciting elbgangfest type of sport.

In the second half of German poets and artists discovered this corner of earth and began to pay homage to it, making it known to the general public. Oktober um The building is equipped with computer workstations, internet-access, internet research facilities, subject data bases and carrels individual study roomsenabling students to study by help of modern working techniques.

From time to time, the Studentenwerk also advertises vacancies e. You should be aware of the fact that the employment of foreign students is subject to several specific regulations. Another way of getting to know people is to visit a student club or to join elbhabgfest a student club.