ABOUT ELECTRODYNAMIC TETHER, ITS STABILIZATION, ITS ADVANTAGES. In an “electrodynamic tether drag” system, such as the Terminator Tether, the tether can be used to reduce the orbit of the spacecraft to which it is attached. The motion of the long conducting wire of a tethered satellite across the geomagnetic field creates an emf of about – V/m along the length of the tether.

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Special EDT phenomena and verification of the EDT system model using experimental mission data will then be tsther. The component of the force in the direction of travel will serve to enhance the orbit raising capabilities, while the out-of-plane component of thrust will alter the inclination.

Rosen derived the equation that is now known as the OML theory of dust charging. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

To facilitate the collection of electrons, the anode can be a large metal sphere. Only when we tefher water will we get a stream flowing down the mountain i. So why aren’t EDTs in widespread use? Similarly, if current flows in the tether element, a force can be generated in accordance with the Lorentz force equation.

For a variety of practical reasons, current collection to a bare EDT does not always satisfy the assumption of OML collection theory.

The TSS hardware has several major elements: This “bare tether” concept was first proposed by Juan SanMartin, a professor of physics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. This can be expressed as:. Finally, point B is the point at which the potential of the tether is equal to the plasma.

Faraday’s law of induction. This will be explained in the following section. All of the applications mentioned in the table are elaborated upon in the Tethers Handbook. The tether failed as a result of arcing and burning of the tether, leading to a tensile failure after a significant portion of the tether had burned away,” the report concludes. The higher energy electrons stream through the slowly expanding ion cloud, while the lower energy electrons are trapped within the cloud by the keeper potential.


Electrodynamic Tethers Unlike chemical and rocket systems, which must expell a propellant to create thrust, an electrodynamic tether generates thrust through Lorentz-force interactions with a planetary magnetic field. This insulation amount depends on a number of effects, some of which are plasma density, the tether length and width, the orbiting velocity, and the Earth’s magnetic flux density.

In other words, this produces thrust, raising its orbital attitude. The motion of the conductor across the magnetic field induces a voltage along the length of the tether. However, numerical simulation has been recently developed by Choiniere et al.

Nevertheless, electrodynamic tether power generation could be useful for generating short bursts of electrical energy, for instance when needed for high-energy but short duration experiments involving powerful “lidars” instruments similar to radar but using laser light instead of short wavelength radio waves.

Responses calliope Why electrodynamic tether is used instead of solar cell to deorbit satellite? The voltage along the tether will attract these free, negatively charged electrons at its positively charged end called the anode.

Electrodynamic Tethers: Getting into the Swing

Current in a wire cutting through a magnetic field induces a force. An electrodynamic tether is essentially a long conducting wire extended from a spacecraft. This equation is called the Richardson-Dushman or Richardson equation. The attached tether, with a diameter of 0.

Electrodynamic Tethers – Disruptive Technology – Fossil Hunters

Essentially, electroddynamic tether converts the orbital energy of the host spacecraft tethr electrical power, which is dissipated as ohmic heating in the tether. The 13 day, hour space flight will begin when the Space Shuttle Orbiter Columbia lifts off from Launch Pad 39B and climbs to a statute-mile-high orbit with a Since it takes a much greater potential difference to collect an equivalent amount of ion current for a given areathe total current in the tether is reduced by a smaller amount.


In terms of energy, the kinetic “movement” energy of the satellite and tethee system orbiting around Earth is converted into electric energy. It is known that a positively charged bare conductor can readily remove free electrons out of the plasma.

Thanks to yet another alert reader for the scoop on this story. Once this is accomplished it will be possible to apply this theory toward determining optimizations of system attributes.

Electrodynamic tether

The below figure displays the drag effects an EDT system will encounter for a typical orbit. They can change the orbit of a satellite without the need for any propellant, which means important mass savings. Two commonly proposed geometries for an EDT involve the use of a cylindrical wire and a flat tape.

In a loose sense, the process can be likened to a conventional windmill- the drag force of a resistive medium air or, in this case, the magnetosphere is used to convert the kinetic energy of relative motion wind, or the satellite’s momentum into electricity.

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