Flávia Salame., Pulmonologist at Universidade do Estado do Amazonas. Follow. Published on Jun 10, ESCALA DE BORG MODIFICADA Published in. uso da Escala Modificada de Borg na crise asmática Acta Paul Enferm ; 18( 1) RESUMO: A dispnéia é a maior causa de incapacidade e redução da. Escala de Borg modificada, saturación de oxígeno, cardiopatía isquémica. Rev Mex Med Fis Rehab ; 24 (1). Language: Español References: Page:

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Gender effect on the use of modified borg and visual analog scales in the evaluation of dyspnea in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Fifty-two patients with severe COPD were included in this study. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

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The dyspnea is the biggest cause of incapacity and reduction of the quality of life for patients esala respiratory illnesses as it is the case of the asthma. Being thus, the respiratory difficulty is probably the more important isolated factor in the limitation of the capacity of the individual in the modiflcada functions of day-by-day, making with that this looks the health services. The objective of this study was to verify the degree of dyspnea of the patients in asthmatic crisis for the scored on the Excala Borg Scale and the correlation of improvement of the degree of dyspnea for the same one with the improvement of the pulmonary function verified by Peak mldificada Flow PEF.

Before and after the clinical treatment, the subsequent data were colected: Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to evaluate the anaerobic threshold AT with a graphic visual method modivicada estimating the intensity of ventilatory and metabolic exertion and to determine the ratings of perceived exertion RPE modificzda the Borg CR scale during a continuous ramp type exercise test CT-R.

Forty healthy, physically active and sedentary young women age After the AT was determined with the graphic visual method, the score that the volunteers gave on modifiada Borg CR10 scale was verified. The muscular and respiratory RPE, according to the Borg CR scalewere correlated with the AT, suggesting that scores close to 5, which correspond to a “strong” perception, may be used as parameters for quantifying aerobic exercise intensity for active and sedentary individuals.

The similar perception of exercise intensity, which corresponded to the AT of different individuals, makes it possible to prescribe exercise at an intensity equivalent to the AT by means of the RPE. Articles written in Pramana — Journal of Physics. Volume 60 Issue 4 April pp Full Text Available La escala Borg de esfuerzo percibido mide la gama entera del esfuerzo que el vorg percibe al hacer ejercicio. Borg ‘s perceived exertion scale measures the extent of perceived exertion which a person experiences during exercise.

The perceived exertion scale is used to adjust exercise intensity workload for predictions and prescriptions of exercise intensities in sports and medical rehabilitation BORG In addition, Borg ‘s scale can be used in the athletic arena, space, industry, military settings, or under everyday circumstances. The concept of perceived exertion is a subjective rating, indicating the subject’s opinion about the intensity of the work being performed MORGAN, The task of exercising subjects is to assign a number from to represent the subjective sensation of the amount of work being performed.

This is a valuable tool in human performance setting, where an important consideration is not “what the individual is doing, but what modificara thinks and is doing” MORGAN, Volume 7 Issue 11 November pp Article-in-a-Box.

Volume 10 Issue 7 July pp General Article. Cacilda Borges Do Valle. Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 83 Issue 3 December pp Research Note.

The Borg scale as an important tool of self-monitoring and self-regulation of exercise prescription in heart failure patients during hydrotherapy. A randomized blinded controlled trial. The Borg Scale may be a useful tool for heart failure patients to self-monitor and self-regulate exercise on land or in water hydrotherapy by maintaining the heart rate HR between the anaerobic threshold and respiratory compensation point. Next, patients were randomized into the land or water exercise group.

One blinded investigator instructed the patients birg each group to exercise at a level between “relatively easy and slightly tiring”. The mean HR throughout the min exercise session was recorded. The article looks at Borges ‘ final work, a translation of Gylfaginning from Snorri Sturlusson’s Edda.


modified borg scale: Topics by

The translation of poetry within the work is put into the context of Borges ‘ lifelong fascination with regard to Old Modigicada literature. The source text of Borges ‘ translation, previously unknown Los juegos de Borges con el tiempo.

Among those ideas, the value of translation as a paradigm for reading, writing, and text interpretation stands out. The article also deals with aspects that were pioneering in their time, even though nowadays they are modifucada for granted by some scholars. Those aspects include placing both the original and. Modified dispersion relations, inflation, and scale invariance. For a certain type of modified dispersion relations, the vacuum quantum state for very short wavelength cosmological perturbations is scale ezcala and it has been suggested that this may be the source of the scale -invariance observed in the temperature anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background.

We point out that for this scenario to be possible, it is necessary to redshift these short wavelength modes to cosmological scales in such a way that the scale -invariance is not lost.

This requires nontrivial background dynamics before the onset of standard radiation-dominated cosmology; we demonstrate that one possible solution is inflation with a sufficiently large Hubble rate, for this slow roll is not necessary.

In addition, we also show that if the slow-roll condition is added to inflation with a large Hubble rate, then for any power law modified dispersion relation quantum vacuum fluctuations become nearly scale -invariant when they exit the Hubble radius. We apply this morphological selection of stellar objects, color-color selection of M-dwarfs, and optical-near-infrared color subtyping to compile a catalog of M-dwarfs belonging to the disk of the Milky Way with a limiting magnitude blrg m FW scale -height for M-dwarfs is 0.

We report the M-dwarf component of the Sagittarius stream in one of our fields with 11 confirmed Modificaada, seven of which are at the stream’s distance. In addition to the M-dwarf catalog, we report the discovery of 1 T-dwarfs and 30 L-dwarfs from their near-infrared colors.

The dwarf scale -height and the relative low incidence in our fields of L- and T-dwarfs in these fields makes it unlikely that these stars will be interlopers in great numbers in color-selected samples of high-redshift galaxies. The dwarf scale -height and the relative low incidence in our fields of L- and T-dwarfs in these fields makes it unlikely that these stars will be interlopers in great numbers in color-selected samples of.

The aim of Borges is to impart to his reader the sense of the mystery of the world, a sense of skeptical reverence, akin to Einstein? For this, as a man of letters, he may use any means at his disposal, including magic and mysticism, and including logic, valid or somewhat faulty.

It is replete with scenes carved out of real life and put forward Borges and Textual Quality in Translation. In hischildhood translation was a daily experience for him since he spokeboth Spanish and English at home. Later on he learnt French and German in Lausane, Switzerland, where he spent three years whenhe was a teenager.

Most of his reading was. Borges translated little but regularly through his entire literarycareer, which was very long indeed. Moreover, he translated a great number of quotations of writersand philosophers that he inserted copiously in his writings, includinghis fiction and poems. Jorge Luis Borges at two final judgments. De Lucrecio a Borges y estaciones intermedias. This paper attempts to show the survival of Lucretius in a few moments of the tradition- in the replacement of the Greco-Roman religion f Full Text Available Starting from the writings of Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben and Jorge Luis Borgesespecially those dedicated to the theme of infamy, this essay investigates the course of this significant, infamy, both in criticism and in fiction, focusing especially on the political connotations of the term.

The hypothesis is that the infamy appears in the texts as a vantage point for the observation of cracks in the building of contemporary cultural archive, as it undermines the possibility of a triumphalist discourse of history. In the instance of infamy history is always plural. Come en casa Borges. The following essay deals with food and other aspects related to this social ritual in Borgesthe diary of Adolfo Bioy Casares, wich focuses on the conversations and anecdotes with Jorge Luis Borges.


It analyses how, according to this authors, food becomes more relevant in an aesthetic dimension and as a basis for social relationships of a particular social class with the world, than as a mere means of nutrition and subsistence. This thesis analyzes the role of individual mediators in the early reception of the works of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges It focuses on a number of key mediators such as publishers, editors, translators, and critics in the translation and publication process and in criticism.

El hecho es que cada escritor crea a sus precursores. Su labor modifica nuestra conciencia del pasado, como ha de modificar el futuro”.

Eliot, Puntos de vista. A Tale of Two Authors: Full Text Available Although Luisa Valenzuela and Borges were friends for many years, it is only recently that we find traces of that friendship in her narrative. The latter story, which is the main focus of this study, employs nearly all the narrative elements we have come to associate with the Argentine master.

Nonetheless, a single sign is changed as Borges ‘s male characters are replaced by females in Valenzuela’s work.

Full Text Available Because of its autobiographical appearance, critics have paid little attention to the narrative of ” Borges and I” which is so masterfully handled that its complex and transparent texture is almost invisible. A close analysis shows, however, that, in the confessional mode, the two individuals—I and Borges—are true characters involved in a narrative action that is taking place to allow the implementation of vengeance.

By focusing on his victim’s experience, the narrating I offers an attractive bait to his victimizer, Borges.

Borgesthe writer, driven by a compulsive pattern of stealing, unsuspectingly takes over the victim’s grievances against him by virtue of his own writing. To unveil those basic elements of narrative at play in this short story, the participation of an active reader, as witness to the process and as recipient of the indicting text, is actually demanded.

Halo scale predictions of symmetron modified gravity.

We offer predictions of symmetron modified gravity in the neighborhood of realistic dark matter halos. The predictions for the fifth force are obtained by solving the nonlinear symmetron equation of motion in the spherical NFW approximation. In addition, we compare the three major known screening mechanisms: Vainshtein, Chameleon, and Symmetron around such dark matter halos, emphasizing the significant differences between them and highlighting observational tests which exploit these differences.

Finally, we demonstrate the host halo environmental screening effect ”blanket modidicada on smaller satellite halos by solving for the modified forces around a density profile which is the sum of satellite and approximate host components.

Full Text Available Translation seems to play a more important role in the development of culture than is generally supposed. Jorge Luis Borges is one writer who understood this phenomenon particularly well and in his writings translation gains in dignity. In a very original way, Borges considers the corpus of translated texts not inferior but even superior, wscala their prestigious originals, as it happens with the many versions of the Odyssey in English.

Borgestranslation, original, rereading, rewriting. Kafka, Borgesand the creation of consciousness, Part II: Borges –a life of letters encompassing everything and nothing. The ways in which Kafka and Borges struggled with the creation of consciousness in their lives and in their literary works are explored in this two-part essay.

By the end of the story, Borges becomes a character in his own fiction.

This development was paralleled in Borges ‘s “real life” as he invented a persona named ” Borges ,” a literary creation that allowed Borges to become a character in a story that was his life. The essay concludes with a comparison of the ways in which Borges and Kafka each used writing as a way of creating his own distinctive form of consciousness, and, in so doing, contributed to the creation of twentieth-century consciousness.

Fisher information, Borges operators, and q-calculus.