Ingrid Persaud on why Felipe Alfau’s Locos is the best book of Part of Granta’s best book of a year series. Locos: A Comedy of Gestures (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) [Felipe Alfau, Mary McCarthy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Locos: A Comedy of Gestures. Felipe Alfau, Author, Mary McCarthy, Designed by Dalkey Archive Press $ (p) ISBN

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A waste of time. Felipe Alfau was an American Spanish novelist and poet. Despite the fact that Alfau directly declares the fictive nature of his characters, he made me care about them.


Try as one may, one cannot elude this conclusion, one alfaj inevitably come back to it. Some, such as Lunarito, threaten to develop into protagonists but never do. Apart from that, Alfau was a superb creator of eccentric characters. Email required Address never made public. A very old-looking woman in an apron comes into a kitchen.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with locis 50 million reviews. You have a daughter from your first marriage, Chiquita. Do you still feel Iberian, a citizen from Spain? Have you ever done crystal meth? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the years after he finished LocosAlfau wrote poetry which he did not attempt to publishand completed a second novel inwhich was rejected by several publishers. Besides, you gave me your permission and Dalkey Archive Press wants to publish the biography as soon as possible. Can you guess which is which? The author speaks to the reader. If and when the day comes, I only hope to be brave enough.

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Flipe other words, is all this attention well-deserved but badly timed? Experimental and funny and sweet and tragic. Were you ever a good reader? View all 4 comments.

A Conversation with Felipe Alfau By Ilan Stavans | Dalkey Archive Press

A wonderful collection of interlocking stories, told by and about a cast of shape-shifting characters who wander in and about each other’s lives like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which could be put together in endlessly different patterns.

The Wallet— When a massive power failure causes a Madrid-wide blackout during a 19— international police convention, all the European criminals are drawn to the city for its easy pickings which causes considerable embarrassment for the Prefect.

Yet I know you first submitted Locos to a New Olcos publisher for financial reasons. Spring comes and the winter of our discontent is defeated. Confabulation, Collaboration, and Chromolithography: One I loved; one I did not.

I actually performed in this fe,ipe in college! His teacher is brutal and cruel, and he must face terrifying dogs en route t Not as good as Chromosbut striking for its time.

But to call it a great innovation is a bit of a stretch. The Franchiser Stanley Elkin. A Model Kit in Spanish in flipe the edition I read was translated in This page was last edited on 5 Augustat If my work has some value.


The metafictional element – the ‘whimsy of a loss of authorial control’ as Mary McCarthy writes locks the afterword – is no great innovation, and while it is entertaining and, in at least one story ‘A Character’, in which a fictional character falls in love with a ‘real’ womanmoving, it rarely occupies centre-stage.

Locks of the editors told me that when Locos was published, the company was in serious financial trouble. Well, there’s certainly an audience among my cherished goodreads friends. I just get so sick of people praising these books for what seem to me the wrong reasons.

I read the paper or watch TV.

Felipe Alfau | As It Ought to Be

A tale of two cities. She’s quite smitten and there’s a bit of transfer.

Once I made it over that midpoint hump the book opened itself up to me and I started to feel how everything was connected and grok onto Alfau’s felipee. You are commenting using your WordPress. Preview — Locos by Felipe Alfau. Locos helped them recover. It takes more than a little something to write about your characters disobeying yourself, the author.