Late last night, Buzzfeed obtained what brokers at the firm John Thomas Financial Inc. call the “Golden Pitchbook.” In it is a scripted. An internal document, known as the “Golden Pitchbook” to senior brokers at John Thomas Financial, has been leaked and it is very, very sexist. A top secret ‘golden pitchbook’ dating back to Bear Stearns circa has surfaced on Buzzfeed. It is not a pitchbook in the M&A all-nighter.

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Your worst nightmare is to work with a broker who brings you a winning situation and is willing to play phone and mail tag with you.

Wall Street firm’s “Golden Pitchbook” is totally sexist, full of lies

If you’re 60 years old and don’t really understand the internet and dealt with a human broker your whole life, it’s easy to see how some smooth-talker could separate you from your money on their supposed Wall Street Insider information. I am not looking for a one night stand. We are not buying this stock for earnings; we are buying it for a takeover, which I feel is eminent.

Then he hung up. All I ask is when I am right, we never work this small again. Here is the City. I want you to own the stock on my pricing and timing and my research.


Is this company undervalued?

Responses to “Think About It”. It used to be the thing. You went through a lot of work to get the text out. Obviously, that decision is up to you, however timing is crucial since stock is trading higher everyday. I’ve literally decided not to tell pirchbook wife about investments I’ve pitcgbook because I believe I make better decisions when I don’t have some crazy bitch yelling at me. By delaying, you restrict our ability to do our job.

So, I’m not going to say it’s just to exploit people who don’t know what there doing. Pitchbok me, they don’t work with me because I sound good, its because I make my clients money!

John Thomas Financial’s “Golden Pitchbook” – Download Now!

Don’t you think we are going to be here for a while? Would you agree that the goldwn of time you think about it is pitchbooj the important part? It was on a Saturday too When do you thin most mistakes are made? It is even named in a list of things to be careful of. The question is not whether or not this is a good company or whether this is the time to buy because clearly we spend more time to get the right answers than even our institutional clients do.

Fortunes are made off other’s naivety and stupidity. What I am suggesting is for your own financial well being, you need another perspective and I can provide that prospective for your.


John Thomas Financial’s “Golden Pitchbook” – Download Now!

Combined screencaps with a Photoshop action to minimize the total number of images and ran them through this site in two batches. Because these were all guys with very pitchbopk money themselves that when they eventually realized they couldn’t close a guy, would scream “Stay small then! Give me the opportunity to show you how we manage your money.

Nice, thanks for the explanation. You know this is the right investment, and you have to own it! I’ll be in touch with you as often as I need to be. I wouldn’t think “Oh man, here’s my chance to finally make some real money” or something.

Want to add to the discussion? You and I both have a hundred other things to do. We’re the best in the business. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: Why would I want to spend a fortune to buy an apartment in the financial district and pay NY state and city taxes?