Get this from a library! Étude et expérimentation de la commande d’un hacheur – série – parallèle. [Christian Pourny; Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Commande Floue D un Redresseur En Cascade Avec Un Hacheur Double Étage by Birame, M’hamed / Mokrani, Lakhdar and a great selection. Schéma de principe des convertisseurs N/A parallèles. A partir des . (2R en parallèle avec 2R est égale à R, R en série avec R donne 2R et ainsi de suite).

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Les resultats d’experience sont regroupes, independamment de toute chronologie sous trois grandes rubriques qui president a la hqcheur du reacteur: Neutron noise in nuclear reactors; Le bruit neutronique des reacteurs nucleaires. The following points are specially discussed in this paper: ElecDif – Electronique Diffusion Site: Etude des caracteristiques d’un reacteur a deux regions, l’une thermique et l’autre rapide, en interaction.

Petrochemicals account for a modest share of the market for catalysts, but there have been substantial improvements padallele the catalysts and processes used in the last ten years. In this report, we will detail the principle and the realization of a device used for the surveillance of a natural uranium reactor cooled by air circulation.

reacteurs catalytiques membranaires: Topics by

Experiments made on packed bed gave kinetic data on the cracking of cumene. In order to determine this limit we have attempted to detect the local boiling which usually occurs before the burn out.

I – General methods. If the moderator is heavy water, the deuterated acid can be prepared by converting a solution in heavy water to a salt of the acid using a deuterated cationic resin. Les grandes lignes d’un reacteur permettant de satisfaire les physiciens sont esquissees. Critial experiments on the G1 reactor; Systeme uranium naturel-graphite.

In the second part the experimental results are given, together with some indications on their comparison with theoretical estimations. The safety principles applicable to heavy-water, gas-cooled reactors are outlined, with a view to establishing containment specifications adapted to the sites available in Switzerland for the construction of nuclear plants. Afin d’extraire du spectre une quantite proportionnelle au taux de combustion, il faut: Determination of local boiling in light water reactors by correlation of the neutron noise; Determination de l’ebullition locale dans les reacteurs a eau legere par correlation du bruit neutronique.


New catalyts are described, their properties hscheur performances hacneur compared with those of traditional catalysts, and the changes and technological advances resulting from the use of zeolites are explained.

The first months of running have justified the hope put in the new electronics to improve the stability and the safety of running. Plusieurs possibilites se presentent pour le demarrage d’un reacteur rapide a l’aide d’uranium All the results seem to converge to support the idea that in all these processes, including parallelr catalytic processes, most of the conversion of high-molecular-weight species resins and asphaltenes operates by a radical mechanism.

Hacheur (électronique)

The metal layers were deposited on a tubular alumina support by electroless plating. The oxygen flux through the membrane is measured in terms of temperature under different oxygen partial pressure gradients. The input speed of water into the reactor being one of the important parameters in the running of the pile, a spiral supply input chamber is used, allowing this speed to be regulated in amount and direction. Some new aspects of this complex phenomena were observed and are reported.

This handbook makes it possible to calculate simply the different neutron and gamma fluxes and consequently, to fix the minimum quantities of materials necessary under general safety conditions both for the personnel and for the installations.

Experimental methods of reactor physics; Methodes experimentales de physique des reacteurs a neutrons thermiques.

Dans le volume 2: Les principaux resultats sont paarllele ici et commentes. Les dispositifs experimentaux sont decrits et les resultats sont compares a ceux obtenus par le calcul a partir de diverses formules. The objective of this work was to develop composite inorganic membranes based on nickel or palladium supported on a porous ceramic for high temperature hydrogen separation. Philips – Passives Site: A number of experiments have been performed during the start up period of the G1 ey G2 reactors in Marcoule, both on their lattices and on different lattices hollow rods, clusters, under moderated lattices.

It is necessary to be able to detect the formation of these cracks as possible in order to avoid all risk of fission products release or any seroe of uranium to the contact of the refrigerating gas. It is fitted with a system of evacuated-neutron-flight tubes used in time-of-flight experiments.


Neutron flux determinations in the reactors G2 and G3 during operation; Releves du flux neutronique dans les reacteurs G2 et G3 en puissance. By this method we have been able to consider the overall fluctuations in a particularly simple form and we have provided a physical significance for certain results obtained more laboriously by other methods.

La premiere et deuxieme etapes demeurent les memes pour des conditions nominales du reacteur.

Hacheur (électronique) — Wikipédia

It is made up of two parts, a theoretical study and experimental work, each of these parts being devoted to a consideration of linear and non-linear conditions: II est necessaire de pouvoir detecter la formation de ces fissures des que possible afin d’eviter tout risque de liberation de produits hacheuur fission ou de reaction de l’uranium au contact du gaz refrigerant. A later stage consists in optimizing, by various techniques, not only the utilization but also the production of plutonium by appropriate selection of the power reactor types to be constructed.

L’importance des donnees a traiter a rendu necessaire l’utilisation d’une calculatrice poux l’analyse automatique des resultats recueillis. The power limit of swimming-pool type reactors depends on the phenomenon of the appearance of burn-out. The general deuterium conservation equation requires the definition of the quotient of the reactor; the performances of this werie are characterised by its overall efficiency. The methods for localizing the defective elements are explained, in particular those using water sampling or decreases in the flux.

P, S, Mg, Al were chosen because from the point of view of fast spectrum analysis they represent a fairly good energy range from 2. Few studies have been carried out on the notion of gas-solid contact in ultra-rapid reactors.