Kaleidescape’s just announced another line of high end home entertainment products — this time it’s the M and M Blu-ray players. Kaleidescape M Player The M Player is based on Kaleidescape s M- Class architecture a powerful platform for the onscreen user interface and for. Find great deals for Kaleidescape M Blu-Ray Player. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Kaleidescape is accepting orders for M and M Players, and shipments will begin May 18th. The small footprint of the M is ideal for locations where import and direct playback of physical discs are not required, such as a child’s room or a stateroom on a yacht.

User Name Remember Me? The time now is Other trademarks and trade names are owned by third parties and may be registered in some jurisdictions. To enable the full Kaleidescape experience for Blu-ray, the company is developing a disc loader which will keep a kalediescape number of discs present within the Kaleidescape system. In closing I would like to say goodby to some of my friends I didn’t get to say goodby to before they closed on Friday. Gone are the days kaleirescape digging through stacks of DVD cases for the perfect movie night.

Browse your collection via our breathtaking and intuitive interface, or let yourself be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor. About Kaleidescape The Kaleidescape movie server redefines home entertainment by transforming kaleidrscape way movies are enjoyed throughout the home. The company’s kaleidfscape pending video bookmarks enable advanced features, including instantaneous start of a feature or concert, easy access to favorite scenes or songs, and control triggers to automatically adjust screen masking, lighting and curtains during playback.

The full press release follows. Four more than four decades Trutone Electronics has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area with the greatest asset any specialty audio video dealership possesses: It was for a project and was not used. Kaleodescape the last thing I was going to do was use my clients as guinea pigs. This equipment is built like a brick shit house it just doesn’t kaaleidescape. I remember that very well right after it happened everyone was so nice.


Kaleidescape ‘s just announced another line of high end home entertainment products — this time it’s the M and M Blu-ray players. Your item has been added to cart. The disc loader is expected to be available in the first half of next year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; if we can’t repair the product,we will replace it. The imported content can then be played kaleidescqpe instantly by M and M Players, creating the world’s first multi-zone movie server for Blu-ray.

There products were built so well that I still have dozens of clients that still have there 5U servers and Movie player’s still working fine. If they didn’t have a solution to resolve it they would come up with a quick fix for it to get you by. Movies start instantly, without advertisements, trailers kaleidescaoe menus.

Unlike some other company’s when you call tech support they would always say check your programing it can’t laleidescape our equipment it’s solid and the battle would go on to get it fixed.

Built on the company’s proprietary M-Class architecture, this next generation of players delivers a new and improved onscreen user interface and Blu-ray support. Our location in Mississauga is able to assist you kaleidescapw creating a smart home kaleldescape system, distributed audio throughout your home and yard, or dedicated home theatre.

So that’s a pretty big chance we have to take on becoming a dealer for there products. I haven’t seen kindness like that sense I think what I’m trying to say is that no matter what happens over the next few months were all going to look out for each other and figure out a fix for this. Do you still have one available Regards Vern.

I mean come on here!!! No Other Parts or Accessories Included. Yes I do but I think I’m going to hold off on selling them for now.

If it was something they could not figure out right away they would say let me look into the logs and I’ll get back to you. The employees at Kaleidescape were some of the finest people I have known and done business with ever.

Kaleidescape outs M300 and M500 Blu-ray players, copiers

Kaleidescape products are available through custom-installation dealers and distributors throughout the world. This system is a big part of our family and I can’t let it go! Kaleiddescape on concert films are indexed for easy access. The exclusive Kaleidescape Movie Guide provides cover art, synopses, and details like actors, directors, genres and ratings. The Kaleidescape Movie Guide, the largest and most comprehensive of its type with overtitles, has been expanded to include over 3, Blu-ray Disc titles.


Trutone’s carefully chosen product lines include surround sound receivers, loudspeakers, televisions, custom remote controls, audio video furniture, room acoustic controls, headphones, bluray players, projectors, and screens. Our system will still keep working right??

But what most people don’t know is as a dealer they may take the product back but all we get is a credit on account we don’t get a refund but we have to give you your money back. Holding off there still may be hope. All times are GMT I just recently joined this forum about two years ago and I have to say I was kind of shocked at how well everyone was so willing to help one another out. Kaleidescpae Us – KScapeOwners.

Find all posts by 1highvelocity. Nor realizing it but I’ve had my system for almost as long as I’ve had my kids! Before I became a dealer it took me 2 years before I signed up as a dealer because I had seen so many other company’s like this that kaleiddescape come and gone.

Kaleidescape M Player |

To expand your choices, simply download Blu-ray quality movies from the Kaleidescape Store. Kaleidescape and the Kaleidescape logo are trademarks of Kaleidescape, Inc.

In an interesting decision, Kaleidescape will require that the physical Blu-ray disc be present for playback from the server — which, you may be thinking, rather defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? That being said with all the other options kaleifescape there which aren’t many I have come to the conclusion that I am going to ride it till it dies!

Bottom line is that they would get it fixed or replaced right away you were never left hanging out to dry.