Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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Test lead resistance is also compensated for when zeroing the 2 range with the above procedure. However, since the instrument cannot make resistance measurements F2 at the maunal interval QlOOshort period errors will occur. Verify that the display is reading OOO. Cal Locked Error A cal locked error occurs when trying to calibrate the in- strument over the bus with the front panel calibration switch in the disable position.

DCL will return the instrument to the default line fre- quency setting.

HP Programming Example keithlfy Enter the following statements into the computer to send a reading over the bus and display it on the computer CRT. Two screws are located on each connector to ensure that connections re- main secure. Obtain UO status from instrument.

Note however, that the value of L and H are scaled according to the range in use.

With some, interface programming may depend on the particular in- terface being used. Select the 3kfi range. The picture below shows the 10V DC voltage reading using a voltage standard. Allow any thermals to stabilize. The Q command is in the following form: When the Z2 com- mand is sent, subsequent readings represent the difference between the input signal and the value of V. The instrument will return to the conditions set ieithley in step 1 and will now power up to those conditions.


The shield outer part of the connector is connected to digital com- mon.

Keithley 196 System Digital Multimeter

This can be demonstrated by touching the cir- cuit, by placing a heat source near the circuit or by a regular pattern of instability corresponding to heating and air-conditioning systems or changes manul sunlight.

To trigger the instrument, apply a pulse to the external trigger input. Thus, an e, of 0.

The in- tegration period is dependent on usable resolution as follows: Even with this level of shielding, the manual still suggests placing the meter away from other instruments and interference sources. At 5V2 and 6y2-digit resolution, low level measure- ment techniques need to be employed.

When the chips are right aligned on the breadboard, the lower address pins and data pins will all line up correctly. Retain and use the original packing materials in case reship- ment is necessary. The serial poll byte contains important in- formation about internal functions, as described in paragraph 3.

Enter the number 0 by pressing the “0” button. After sending a command kwithley that contains the interval command Qthe following message is displayed briefly when a conflict amnual occurs: Schematics in PDF — Credits to jhzyou When using this program, make sure that the rest of the instrument is in the desired operating state.

Set the REN line true. Verify that manuap readings are within the limits listed in the table. The current filter value will then be displayed. The function may be programmed by sending one of the following commands: Note that commands reqiuring a primary address assume that the Model primary address is set to krithley its factory default address.

Model repair forum thread EEVBlog: Other bits may also be set depending on instrument status. C Controller — The Model does not have controller capabilities.



If SAVE is not sent. Often the user may incorrectly suspect that the hardware is causing a problem, when it was the software all along. User selected values of M and B will be stored within the Model until the power is turned off unless keitthley by Program When this command is transmitted, the instrument will transmit the value the next time it is ad- dressed to talk.

Mail will not be published required. For a delay of 0. The switch will be at the inner most position when the instrument is turned on. Interface function codes for the Model are listed in Table and are listed for convenience on the rear panel adja- cent to the IEEE connector.

Select the DCV function and autorange. Determining Q— The Q of a tuned circuit can be deter- mined as follows: Instead, one of the following messages will be displayed: Therefore, if there is AC interference, the circuit should be shielded with the shield connected to the Model input LO particularly for low-level sources. These bus com- mands affect the Model much like the front panel con- trols.

While most of manuual systems are using little endian for storing data, old Motorola CPU used in lot of Keithley instruments using big endian, so before you flash your ROM s, make sure endian is correct. Note that only the overrun triggers are ignored. The Translator buffer can hold approximately character Translator words.

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