Kingdoms of Kalamar Fantasy Campaign Setting Well now, here is an. Retrieved ^ “Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Becomes Official Dungeons & Dragons World”. Wizards of the Coast. Kingdoms of Kalamar is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting created setting in the year , and even had a brief 4th edition update.

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The Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting offers a great variety of lands and cultures, each with their own unique flavor, and thus a wide variety of locations in which to base your campaign. The year consists of 13 months, each divided into four 7-day weeks. The streets are full of the brave and foolhardy, eager to draw steel and strike for little cause, and war between kingdoms is a constant occurrence.

Results 1 to 14 of We will not release products that suddenly advance the timeline of the setting, forcing changes on, or invalidating, your home campaign. Tellene has three moons ; Diadolai, Pelselond and Veshemo.

Retrieved from ” https: These orbit Tellene with an 80, 34 and 28 day Orbital period respectively. Love the Third Kingdoks

This article needs additional citations kingvoms verification. Probably trying to cater to the group of people who picked the 4e PHB up and thought “Dragonborn? The townsfolk easily confuse wizards – and especially sorcerers – with clerics, and arcane spells may kapamar misunderstood as miracles. This page was last modified on 24 Octoberat Books compatible with other editions are noted in the full product description.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Taking place on the continent of Tellene, on a world so primitive that its natives believe kaalmar is no other land apart from it, Kingdoms of Kalamar is best defined as a Low Fantasy Medieval RPG; casters are rare, most NPCs are low level, PCs are the only “true” heroes in the land, magical monsters are rarer than in, say, Forgotten Realmsand the general tech level is Late Iron Age at best.


Kingdoms of Kalamar

While distribution was not widespread, fans of the setting continued to support it. You can read David Kenzer’s discourse on Kalamzrand read and ask questions on our discussion forums. While not as well known as setting such as Forgotten Realmsthe setting has a loyal following and has received praise for its consistency and kiingdoms. Plus, while some areas may become more detailed in future supplements, the timeline will not change.

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Fortunately, these immense deities still lend a minute fraction of their power to clerics that serve them, and all aspects of religion are provided, from holy symbols to clerical raiment to full descriptions of their canons and more. All times are GMT What are some highlights of the Kingdoms kingdome Kalamar setting?

Dueling in Realms of Fantasy. While the mercenary band may be common, the adventuring party is rare, and no one kalqmar will step in at the last minute and save the day.

Originally Posted by Jack Mann. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! An exception to this would be if the place was conquered, in which case the place name is often renamed by the victors.

Kingdoms of Kalamar 4th edition campaign setting

Kingdoms of Kalamar d There is certainly no gunpowder. Barbarian horselords war among each other for control of the cold north, while Slennish cultists kidnap the innocents left behind the lines. The setting appeared in two books, ” Kingdoms of Kalamar, Vol 1: They may work to guide events, but a creature of flesh and blood can no more perceive them or their plans than an ant can understand the universe, and their statistics cannot be measured in terms of game mechancis.


While the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting is designed as a low-magic, realistic setting where the shadows of war and racial tensions fall, its story is not written kkingdoms stone.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Thus, each kslamar that race populates is named in the language of the people who live there. As has been noted, it is system-neutral. How Can I Learn More? The continent of Tellene is the focus of the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting.

This means the names are consistent. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Also, hobgoblins are the dominant evil humanoid race, with a pair of mighty and somewhat Asiatic-themed empires, and orcs are feral tribes in the wastelands considered more a persistent nuisance with regular raids on civilized lands than a people. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Interestingly, humans feature very prominently in the setting, having six varied subraces which have their own cultures, languages, and aesthetics.

Which is not to say it is all fluff.

It broke the continent down into six regions and examined each one on a large scale. Originally Posted by Matthew. Part IPart II. It also described the setting’s secret societies, astrology and kngdoms. Its provinces declare independence, hobgoblin kingdoms thrive and foreign empires expand, while the monsters of the land grow stronger than ever. Salt and Sea Dogs: You are the one who battles dragons, explores ancient tombs, and wields powerful magicks, while most common folk know only fear of such things – if they know anything at all.