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Sampling, balance and representativeness are key theoretical concepts in corpus linguistics. The thing or things that the dependent variable depends on is are called the independent variable s.

Which questions do aim at answering my research questions? If research is to produce findings that will be relevant and useful to those being studied, this then needs to rfsearch reflected in research designs and methodologies and mono-dimensional studies do not necessarily provide the means to meet this need.

Research methods in linguistics / edited by Lia Litosseliti. – Version details – Trove

If you have more than one of either, you cannot use t-tests or chi-squares and would instead need a more sophisticated test such as an ANOVA or a linear regression.

Now, the last thing we need to do is calculate the number of degrees of freedom so that we can see whether this value of 9.

She divides these speakers into 3 groups based on their functional and educational mastery of English, where group 1 consists of those with the lowest levels of mastery and group 3 of litosselitti with the highest. If you have unpaired data as we do hereyou need to determine whether the two groups in your analysis are equal or unequal in size.

Research Methods in Linguistics. Litosseliti. Continuum. pdf | Saira Arif –

In other words, we examine whether there seems to be no relationship at all between our dependent and independent variables. Research Methods are important skills for students of linguistics to learn prior to undertaking reseach projects at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Up until now, we have been discussing the theoretical concepts underlying quantitative analysis in somewhat abstract terms.


Of course, you also need to be sure that you can get the relevant data, and can get enough of it. If, for exam- ple, we have a Likert scale with the options strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree, we would assign numbers from 1 to 5 or any other sequence of numbers that logically reflects the hierarchical order linguistisc answers to each value although we may want to inverse the order: In the interest of demonstrating the range of applicability of chi-square tests and t-tests, we will see how to apply these two methods to linguistic research based on both natural language data i.

Oxford English ,inguisticsSecond Edition. Research Methods in Linguistics provides a useful high-level overview of research methods for linguistic study for a graduate-level seminar-style research method course. Chapter 7, by Angela Creese, describes linguistic ethnography and its methodological and analytical contribution to the study of language.

The easiest, but only to a certain extent reliable, way to insure validity is to use common sense: Any text or collection of texts could be theoretically conceived of being a corpus and it is possible to carry out corpus analysis on very small texts cf. For example, most of us have a rather good idea of how long an inch is, so if someone tells us that an object is about 2 inches wide, we implicitly know its width.

Though you will likely make use of these resources in your future work, litosseliiti is important that you understand where the chi-square statistic or the p-value that a computer programme may provide you with comes from. In our case, that is two. Doing Research in Applied Linguistics.

You will learn what these tests are, how to use them and what they can and cannot tell you. In our current example, the mean height of the sample population is Of course, even without any data from the questions preceding each of these two research questions, it is possible and may be instructive to speculate about many possible answers.

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Research Methods in Linguistics

The goal of chi-squares is to determine whether the proportional distribution we observe in our sample population e. An understanding of our heritage of embroidery can enrich the creative interpre- tations we all seek in our own embroidery today. These 17 locations in All: We test, record and measure, trying to come to methodds answers for our research questions; and as every under- graduate student is told in their first year litosselifi university, these litosseloti need to be carefully adapted to provide us with the data we require.

In addition to a categorization of research questions as descriptive, explana- tory or evaluative, cutting the research cake in other ways allows still other distinctions to be made, and referred to explicitly in the dissertation or thesis.

Let us take an example of a research question and work it through: She gained her Ph. This result, however, does not mean that the condi- tion of variability is violated since they could have been motivated by other things, and it just so happens that they are all motivated by the same thing.

View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Another problem is resources: Say we are inter- ested in the colour of shoes people buy in a certain shop. His research is focused on representation and communication in educational contexts.

Litosseliiti a panel design, we randomly select people from the population, both male and female, from all socioeconomic backgrounds and all age groups.

You would therefore probably consider using questionnaires or individual or group interviews see Chapter 8. Finally, if you have only one dependent and one independent variable, and your independent variable is categorical, you then ask yourself whether your dependent variable is categorical or continuous.