Llana de Gathol. Home · Llana de Burroughs, Edgar Rice – Mars 10 – Llana of Gathol (2) Edgar Rice Burroughs – Mars Chronicles 10 – Llana of Gathol. Llana of Gathol, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, free ebook. It was then that I gave the coup de grâce to my beaten and bloody adversary; and, leaving him where. Llana of Gathol has ratings and 62 reviews. Joseph said: Maybe a Published July 12th by Del Rey (first published ). More Details Original.

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Except for the Grand Canyon of llxna Colorado, I had never seen anything like it. A great sigh of relief arose from a hundred throats. Manly men, buxom scantily clad women in need of rescuingcool monsters, tons of action and wild, exotic settings.

I could conquer all of Barsoom, if I chose. Kam Han Tor laid a hand upon the hilt of his longsword. One thing that I noticed particularly in Kamtol was that the residences could not be raised on cylindrical columns, as is the case in most modern Martian cities, where assassination has been developed to a fine art and where assassins’ guilds flourish openly, and their members swagger through the streets like gangsters once did in Chicago.

I read these books because they were an inspiration to other authors, such as Conan creator, Robert E, Howard, who paid tribute to Burrough’s in his novella, Almuric.

Oct 23, Stephen Brooke rated it liked it Shelves: Since there are 4 men Carter, Tan Hadron, Fo-nar, and now Gor-don against the entire crew, they are quickly captured and bound. I must take you to Ho Ran Kim, the great jeddak of Horz. The last of the “full stories” in the Barsoom series. A man was standing looking down on the head of Lum Tar O. As I was about to take it, it was snatched away; and my tormentors laughed at me.


The final fate of Hin Abtol himself is not told. I was taken to an apartment and seated in a chair with my back toward a strange looking machine, the face of which was covered with innumerable dials. Jad-han also says that if destroyed, the machine can l,ana be replaced since the inventor is dead and the current maintainer, Myr-locould never repair it.

But for their blond hair they might have been from your own Earth. With that removed final dissolution came quickly. I touched Pan Dan Chee lightly on the arm, and moved forward. There is much to llaja in the world outside of Horz and much to adventure.

They reach the ship and fly away. Along the way they land in the rarest of Barsoomian forests for provisions.

Phor San gets drunk and tries to take over the ship but is taken below.

North and west of me lay a vast, almost unexplored region; and there I thought to find the absolute solitude for which I craved. Their bellies are white and their legs shaded from the slate of the shoulders and hips to a vivid yellow at the feet. They jabbed me with sharp instruments until the blood flowed, and then they rubbed the wounds with a burning caustic, after which they applied a salve that instantly relieved the pain.

As we approached it, I saw a number of dead men lying in the avenue. He forced his way through the crowd, and the moment he laid eyes upon me he ed his belongings.

It withdrew within the doorway where it had stood, but the light persisted. It means lifetime loyalty. In an amazing battle, John Carter cuts one green man entirely in half.

Llana de Gathol – PDF Free Download

Worse still is the fact that by the book’s end, the fate of several of the main characters remains unknown; e. Trivia About Llana of Gathol It was Gahan of Gathol that Tara of Helium wed. There was a murmur of approval from those of the fine company of nobles and their women who were within earshot.


I thought that I was to be electrocuted, but it seemed to me that they took a great deal of unnecessary pains to destroy me. The banth was roaring hideously as it tried to fight off Pan Dan Chee and at the same time retain its hold upon Llana. I’m not sure it’s the worst of the Mars novels–it at least has some variety to it, where books were more monotonous. Had she wished to spurn his offer, she would have returned his sword to him point first. Refresh and try again. This is one of Burroughs’ late-period books, written as a series of four linked novelettes — he did the same thing with late Tarzan, Venus and Pellucidar books.

Llana de Gathol

He notices that Carter is carrying the swords of Hor Kai Lan. They thanked me, gatjol around me as they did so; and still they were unsmiling and sad. The setting is a return to the primary setting of ‘Warlord of Mars’, and the sinister foe seems a lesser version of the uncivilized warlord bent d conquest through superior numbers trope used in Burrough’s vastly superior ‘A Fighting Man of Mars’.

The three have no choice but to walk the miles to Gathol.

Not only Nastor, Xaxak and the jeddak Doxus are present at the stadium, but also Llana, who is there with Nastor. There were other races on Barsoom, but they were few in numbers and negligible in importance. Still pursued by a couple of ships, they bomb one in a tricky maneuver and the other runs away. Once again, I felt like a whole man, so much is a sword a part of me.